With Both Feet

If someone told you to jump from a bridge, would you do it? Of course not! But what if that person were your father…

‘A man and his 10-year-old daughter were on an evening bike ride when he suggested they jump off the [bridge] and into the Intracoastal Waterway.

The nervous little girl agreed and…[he] grabbed his daughter’s hand, counted to three and jumped nearly 20 feet into the water. Megan Stewart was not hurt, but her father broke his left leg when he hit the bottom.’

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Palm Beach Post

I freely admit that I’ve taken liberty with common sense when playing with my son. That’s a father’s privilege, and the only way to impress upon children a healthy respect for gravity. But a broken-leg is a high price to pay for the thrill of jumping into four feet of water.

I will say that Mr. Stewart’s motives were a bit loftier than a simple good time: ‘”He thought he could break her fear of heights by doing that. Instead he broke his leg,” said Lantana Police Capt. Andy Rundle.’

Mr. Stewart’s special brand of homeschooling also went awry in 2004 when, during a lesson in sociology, he was arrested for buying crack cocaine from an undercover police officer&#8212with Megan in the car.

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