Wherein I Join a Commune

Last month, I joined a collaborative blog (a clog?) called DadBloggers, which is (suprisingly) simply a collection of dads writing about their children and fatherhood. We’re certainly not the first, but I like this group of dads because we’re kid-centered and family-friendly.

The site currently has sixteen contributing dads, and our editor hopes to have one for each day of the month. My pieces are published on the fourth of each month, and won’t be included on this site.

Please remember to check out DadBloggers, but also make sure to visit the sites of the other contributing dads – these are some great writers! If you’d like to join our little community, feel free to contact Doug, our founder and editor.

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  1. shomik
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    Hey Jared,

    Thanks for commenting on my baby’s blog. This DadBloggers thing sounds interesting. How has the feedback been for you?

  2. emo
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    hi,there i would like to know more about your commune pls.

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