Urgent Prayer Request

Dear Friends:

Yesterday morning, a friend’s neighbor accidentally backed over her 15-month-old son with her SUV. The child died later that day.

I don’t know how to pray in situations like this. It feels too overwhelming, too intimidating. What should I ask? Where to begin? I’m thankful that God knows the answers to both.

Please take a moment to pray for this family.

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  1. Rich Blank
    Rich Blank at | | Reply

    Thank you, buddy.

    We’ve been praying that the family would feel the love of God wrapped tightly around them, and that their friends and relatives would know how to respond.

  2. Henk
    Henk at | | Reply

    We have lost our little boy on the 4th of April and I can imagine what that parents must go through. We will pray for them, all I can say is that is the worst thing than can possibly happen to anyone. Only prayers and the love of God can help you through this.

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