Remember, Remember, That God Is Patient, Too

The truck rolls down the ramp, and the incline splits in two. Useful for storage, but frustrating if your excavator is waiting for its load of dirt.

You frown and try to join the pieces back together. They both fall from the platform, and you have to start from scratch. To your credit, you’re relatively calm while you try to fit the pegs of the ramp into their respective holes, but it’s a cheap toy. Time and again they fall, and with each failure you get more and more upset.

Dramatically, slowly, you lift your fist, clenched around one half of the ramp. You slam it into the platform, and the entire bridge topples. If you can’t play, no one can.

And I remember Mega Man, and the Rock Monster. He just kept flying across the screen, again and again, back and forth, and I couldn’t beat him. I threw the controller across the room.

Or my parents telling me to leave the room when I couldn’t get our printer to work, and the message they printed on the PrintShop greeting card, after they did: ‘Patience is a virtue.’

Or, years later, Kelly’s surprise at my lack of audible swearing as I replace a bathroom faucet.

You and I, we’re good at the big stuff; it’s the little things we can’t ignore. And Goliath was felled by a very little thing.

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