Recall: Team Talkin’ Tool Bench

Playskool has recalled its Team Talkin’ Tool Bench after two toddlers suffocated from swallowing the toy’s oversized, plastic nails. There is no choking hazard warning on the toy, because none of its parts are small enough to be classified as a ‘small part’ by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Team Talkin' Tool Bench

Parents are advised to remove the nails immediately and return them to Playskool for a $50 certificate. Contact Playskool at 800-509-9554 for more information, or use this contact form.

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  1. Jon
    Jon at | | Reply

    I swear, whatever happened to the sturdy wooden toys with all the tiny pieces and strings and hazard-laden parts! Survival of the fittest! or at least smartest!

    – Jon
    – Daddy Detective

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