Man, Moon, Dish, Spoon

The Vancouver Public Library has a free reading program called Man in the Moon that helps fathers of babies learn nursery rhymes:

‘The program helps fathers, boyfriends, grandfathers and uncles learn nursery rhymes and stories with babies up to 18 months of age. Led by a male facilitator, the six to eight sessions help the men and babies grow more comfortable with each other and other children. It also gives mom a bit of a break.

‘…Man in the Moon began in 1999. Janice Douglas…developed the program after meeting with early child care development workers who suggested men needed to become more involved with the children in their lives.’

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Todd @ Vancouver Dad

Before Ian was born, I had visions of singing him to sleep or comforting him with playful rhymes. The problem was I could only remember first lines or choruses, or only the tune. As a consequence, Ian was forced&#8212at one month old—to endure my mangling of American Pie. The long version. Before I’d joined the choir.

Yes, I could’ve done my research or gone to the library, but what new parent has the time or energy to memorize Mother Goose? This sounds like a wonderful program for everyone invovled, but somehow I think the men benefit more than their children.

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