Zaid Gayle is a co-founder of Peace4Kids, a support and community program for foster and at-risk children in South Los Angeles. As part of a feature on ‘becoming fearless‘, The Huffington Post asked six students of the program to write stories about those who’ve made an impact in their lives.

The kids thought Zaid should write one, too:

‘My dad once explained to me that fatherhood is a quiet surrender to your greatest yet-to-be. For me that surrender has been more than a notion; it has changed me forever in ways I never would have expected.

…I have been a father now for six months. My daughter, Miranda, is twenty-two years old. This is not the family I imagined, not ever.’

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The Huffingon Post

Fatherhood is more than changing diapers and reading to our kids. It’s more than biology, and extends even beyond our own families. Zaid’s story is about the responsibilities we face when children come into our lives, and finding fatherhood in unexpected places.

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