Just Deserts

Volkswagen has confirmed what I’ve always suspected. For men, life is nothing more than a downward spiral from strip clubs and casual sex into the squalid depths of matrimony and fatherhood.

But it’s all worth it if you have a cool car.

The consumer within me loves the concept; I can’t deny that it’s a clever ad. I’d probably appreciate it more if it weren’t for VW’s parting message: ‘Finally, it’s great to be a dad.’ Finally. At long last. After years of languishing under the yolk yoke of responsibility and compassion and unconditional love, we shall have our prize.

The father within me is livid at the implication that family isn’t its own reward.

(Thanks, Brent!)

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  1. Rich
    Rich at | | Reply

    Yolk? :^)

    Either that’s a deliberate joke or, as an English major, you have egg on your face . . .

    [What? It’s Finnish for ‘yoke’. Now who’s stoopid?]

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