It’s a Boy!

We’re borrowing a new toy from a friend of mine. It’s very cool, and Ian seems to love it.

But no matter how many bells and whistles this toy has, Ian loves nothing more than to take the pieces and throw them to the floor. He doesn’t knock them off, or toss them over his shoulder. He carefully grasps them, lifts them into the air, and slams them to the carpet. If I hold them down, he uses two hands and strains to pull them off.

Recently, Kelly asked me why he should prefer this over playing with the toy as intended. In response, I present, “It’s a Boy”:

logic and good sense
dissipate with the marriage
of her X, his Y

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  1. The Mommy
    The Mommy at | | Reply

    OK, everyone remember this story when you give Ian toy guns on his third birthday, and I look at you like I’m going to kill you. I understand that boys are boys; would someone explain the innate need for violence? PLEASE?

  2. The Daddy
    The Daddy at | | Reply

    Violence is stupid. Boys are stupid. Therefore…?

  3. Grandpa
    Grandpa at | | Reply

    Oh, well. . .If he keeps his x’s & y’s straight, he’ll be great at algebra.
    (Of course, that’s after he drops his textbook on the floor, scaring the girl in the seat ahead of him half to death!)

  4. Grandpa Gilbert
    Grandpa Gilbert at | | Reply

    Kelly & Jared……….It won’t be too long before Ian will be asking “WHY”. About everything all the time. Sometimes lack of understanding is bliss!

  5. The Favorite Great Aunt
    The Favorite Great Aunt at | | Reply

    Kelly trust me when I tell you if you NEVER expose Ian to anything remotely gun like, sheltered him from other boys (big and small), he never watched tv or movies, hell raised in a cave, by the time he was three he’d be thumb up, index pointing, other three down, saying, sque, sque, sque…..x or y don’t matter why it’a boy!

  6. Cousin Chris
    Cousin Chris at | | Reply

    Scary as it seems, there has been some recent research that shows that there are some very DEEP biological roots to this whole boy/girl dichotomy. We now have proof that women are built for multitasking, and men are built for aggressive singlemindedness. Hmmmmm…could’ve saved a couple billion in research money if they had just ASKED US!!!!

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