iParent: Cell Phone Monitor

We travel every few months, or so, often with Kelly’s parents. It’s usually the case that we’re quietly confined to our room once Ian goes to sleep. Baby monitors don’t work well in hotels, unless the rooms are quite close; that’s assuming we remember to bring one in the first place.

We recently joined a family mobile plan with my in-laws, which included two new cell phones – both with speakerphone capability. Soon after, I wondered if we could use the phones as an impromtu baby monitor.

I’m always the last to know:

‘If you don’t want to pack the monitors when travelling, though, you can instead use your cellphone. Call your spouse’s phone with your own, put them both speakerphone mode, leave one in your child’s room, and mute the other.’

Some Lifehacker caveats are making sure you have unlimited minutes, keeping each phone plugged in, and a warning that some companies automatically disconnect a call if there’s no activity for a certain amount of time.

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