How It’s Made

Ian loves machines and factories. If he’s making a mess, it’s usually not his fault: it’s ‘the machine’. His arms lift, his hands grab and pinch, and everything moves with a rumble or roar or whine. A while ago, I was searching YouTube for clips from one of our family’s favorite shows, How It’s Made. I found a few, but this was my bestest prize.

I don’t know if it’s the Mannheim Steamroller-esque music or the factory worker who looks like my grandma, but this has to be my favorite Sesame Street short. Ever. And it’s still being broadcast!

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  1. JGS
    JGS at | | Reply

    I actually not only remember this one and saw it recently on Sesame Street (probably while the Okapis were at school), but it is one of my favorites because I always wanted to know how you make crayons.

  2. Phil
    Phil at | | Reply

    That was very cool. I had never seen it.

    We watch Mr. Rogers every day hoping that he’s going to make a visit to some factory or workshop. It’s endlessly fascinating. And the workers in those places… They always look at the camera with a blank confused look. Must be all those years doing the same repetitive tasks.

    We’ve rented some great DVDs from Netflix about how things are made. I’ll probably write about them this weekend.

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