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If you wake at two-in-the-morning, crying, that’s fine. If, because it’s two-in-the-morning, it takes me a while to dredge myself from beneath the covers, and you start wailing to get my attention, well. That’s okay, too. Do whatcha gotta do.

When you tell me that you need to use the bathroom, I’ll be ever so proud. My frustration will vanish, I’ll hog-tie Mr. Hyde. I will happily lovingly patiently efficiently walk you to the bathroom, and back again.

If, however, crisis averted and Daddy bleary-eyed, you insist – with increasing volume and agitation – that you’d like to play with your flashlight, rather than go back to sleep, count yourself fortunate that YaYa and Auntie Julia are visiting, and sleeping soundly in the adjoining room.

Because, otherwise, I would fold your flashlight into a party hat, and make you wear it.

[No, I don’t know exactly what that means. But it’s the first image that came to mind forty-five minutes later, when I still hadn’t fallen back to sleep.]

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  1. Phil
    Phil at | | Reply

    Hilarious! My kids ask, “Why is daddy so grumpy at 3 in the morning when I’m walking around the house turning on lights?”

  2. JGS
    JGS at | | Reply

    Oh I have SO been there. Since I’m at work all day, we decided I would be the one to be there for our Okapis (boy/girl twins) at night. On one hand it shows them I can be there for them. On the other, it means dealing with night lights being “TOO light” or not light enough, wanting to “sleep in your bed,” “Where’s my Woobie?”, “Cover me up,” and oh so much more.

    When they are scared and I can help calm them down and get them back to sleep it is a wonderful feeling. When they’ve committed to pushing me ever closer to edge of insanity…well, it makes me want to stay in bed and scream myself. Of course, that would upset my wife and then EVERYONE would be unhappy in the house.

  3. Yaya
    Yaya at | | Reply

    I question the statement that YaYa and Auntie Julia were sleeping soundly! I was fondly (?) remembering when it was you not wanting to go back to sleep!

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