Four Things

Jason has tagged me with the latest, so, in true Total Depravity style, I’m shoe-horning this (ugh) meme to fit my son. Who cares about me, anyway?

Four Jobs He’s Had
   Night Crier
   Daddy Maimer
   Trained Monkey

Four Movies He Can Watch Over and Over
   The Incredibles (‘Bebibles’)
   Monsters, Inc. (‘Monster Movie’)
   Veggie Tales: Ultimate Silly Song Countdown (‘Begie Tales’)

Four Places He’s Lived
   Our bedroom
   Hotel bathroom
   Laundry room
   Bedroom closet

Four Shows He Likes to Watch
   SpongeBob Squarepants
   Thomas the Tank Engine
   Sesame Street
   Blue’s Clues

Four Foods He Likes

(Yeah, there’s more. But I’m lazy, and it’s Friday.)

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  1. Julia
    Julia at | | Reply

    What exactly are “peantus” ? I’m intrigued at this new food I’ve never heard of before. (Sorry- I’m being a smart ass, aren’t I?)

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