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Ian loves pirates. To celebrate his third birthday, and in true bestest-mommiest fashion, Kelly threw a buccaneer bash, complete with eye-patches, fake moustaches, and a pirate-ship birthday cake. The treasure-map tablecloth was her idea, too, but I drew it!

She also created a treasure hunt for our swashbuckling rogue. She took polaroids of places in and around our home, and each picture led to the next. The final clue led to Ian’s plunder.

Ian was more excited about the hunt than he was about the presents.

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  1. JGS
    JGS at | | Reply

    That is really cool! What a great idea! A personalized treasure hunt. That’s a memory that will last a lot longer than those presents, too, I bet.

  2. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    That’s great, my son loves pirates too. You gave me some good ideas for his birthday party.

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