Five Weird Habits of Highly Weird Kids

Busy Mom wasn’t specific in her tagging, so I’m taking this opportunity to jump on the dogpile. However, as I’ve a strict rule limiting how I write about myself on this site, this list is dedicated to the five weird habits of my highly weird son:

  1. His hands must be clean. Always. If Ian falls, his first concern isn’t scrapes or cuts, it’s how much dirt is on his hands. If he gets food on his hands while eating, he’ll wave them in our direction, fingers splayed, until we wipe them clean.
  2. If Ian doesn’t know the words of a song, he’ll lip sync. He opens and closes his mouth in time with the words, and bobs his head back and forth. Milli Vanilli Britney Spears has nothing on this kid.
  3. He greets everyone. Anyone. When we open his bedroom door in the morning, we’re met with an enthusiastic, ‘Hi!’ At the mall on Sunday, we got out of our car at the same time as a couple in the space next to us. As soon as I opened Ian’s door, he looked right at the woman and said, ‘Hi!’ You’d be surprised at how few people return the greeting.
  4. He is manipulative. Lately, when Ian’s in trouble and looking at the business end of a ‘talk’, he’ll cheerfully say, ‘Okay, bye!’ just to avoid his discipline. We used to think it was acquiescence, now we know he just wants us to go away.
  5. Ian loves to dance. If there’s music – any music, anywhere – he’ll dance to it. Actually, music is optional. A few weeks ago, we gave Ian $1 to spend at a craft store. He bought a large, plasitc candy cane, and proceeded to do the Old Soft Shoe across the parking lot.

Okay, Daddies, let’s hear it. What are the five weird habits of your highly weird children? If you can’t think of any, keep looking – how else are you going to embarrass them when they’re 16?

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