Don’t Suffer the Little Children

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Tony Woodlief explains why I’ve named this site ‘Total Depravity’:

Don’t Suffer the Little Children
By Tony Woodlief

‘Many parents in the unconstrained camp adhere to Rousseau’s sentiment: “Man is born free, but everywhere is in chains.” They not only fail to punish bad behavior but snarl at anyone who rebukes their precious darlings. In our house we have reversed Rousseau’s theory: You are born in bondage and should be darn grateful for the free room and board. Besides, if you want to talk about restrictions on liberty you can take it up with your mother, who hasn’t had an uninterrupted trip to the bathroom since 2001.’

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Parents, make no mistake: despite your best intentions or lofty ideals, and no matter how adorable your child, never forget that he will punch you in the head for no other reason than his fingers make a fist.

And I have the nervous tick to prove it.

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