Fatherhood is more than changing diapers and reading to our kids. It’s more than biology, and extends even beyond our own families. Zaid’s story is about the responsibilities we face when children come into our lives, and finding fatherhood in unexpected places.

Meerkats on Alert

It was a rare, stormy day in St. Louis, and many other families had the same idea. The theater was packed with kids. I didn’t mind, because we wouldn’t need to worry about Ian disturbing anyone. He spent most of the movie curled in our laps, quietly watching.

But this is not his story.

Jailhouse Rock

Who knew the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has its own record label? This past summer it released its first album, Wings of Hope, which features inmates singing and rapping childhood favorites like Humpty Dumpty and This Old Man. The CD also includes songs and poems written by the inmates, and parenting advice.

Fatherhood…on the Barbie

When it comes to promoting fatherhood, Australia seems to be ahead of the curve. This weekend is the third annual Fatherhood Festival, held in Bangalow, New South Wales. The three-day festival ‘is a gathering of people and ideas, arts and activities, all with the aim to broaden, deepen, and support all dads.’