This weekend, begoggled and spluttering in the pool, Ian shouted, ‘Look out! It’s a horrendous storm!’ I dragged him from the water, found a naughty step, and explained that ‘life around here’s gonna get pretty rough if you don’t start getting your indefinite articles straight’. He also went to bed early, without dessert.

Join Today!

I’m not a joiner, by nature. I was a Boy Scout, briefly, when I was younger, but ditched the group when I learned that Camp Fire had girls. Even then, the depth of my membership extended only as far as summer camp. Apart from church choir and a library card, I just don’t belong. Yet […]


‘Daddy, can you take this, please,’ because, I thought, he was done with the cup of tea, and wanted me to set it on the end-table. ‘It’s still too hot.’ ‘Just keep it. It’ll cool down.’ ‘No,’ as he slides from the couch, walks around me, and carefully places his cup on the table. ‘I […]

I Shall Call It

‘Daddy, did you know that cars can have names?’ ‘Names? What do you mean?’ ‘Like, names. Like you and me!’ ‘Ah. You mean people names.’ ‘Yeah! Does this car have a name?’ ‘Of course. Nostalgia for Infinity.’ ‘What?’ ‘Nostalgia for Infinity.’ ‘Hey, that’s catchy!’