Last night Ian opened a tea shop in the bathroom. He set cups of Mr. Bubbly bathwater along the edge of the tub, and cried his wares through the door.

‘Mommy, do you want green tea?’

‘Do you have any iced tea?’

‘No. But I can make it for you!’ Another cup joined the ranks.

‘Daddy, do you want some green tea? Or iced tea? It doesn’t cost anything!’

‘Wow, you’re serving free tea?’

‘Well,’ he shrugged, ‘sometimes I have to charge something because my lawyer says so.’ I tried the green tea.

Later, Ian’s bubbles thinning, I tried the iced tea. ‘This is pretty good. Do you have any iced green tea?’

‘Not today, but I’ll make some for you tomorrow.’

‘How much will it cost?’

‘It’s free!’

‘I thought you said your lawyer told you to charge something for it.’

He smiled and proclaimed, ‘He died!’

And I’m passing the savings on to you!

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  1. Barry
    Barry at | | Reply

    Thats a good one. Going to use it tomorrow on the golf course and take all the credit. :) Keep up the good work Dude!

  2. Natasha Becoming Something
    Natasha Becoming Something at | | Reply

    Oh, that was great! I’m going to have my husband read this later. :-)

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