Apple Hunt!

What would school be without field trips? The day everyone brings a sack-lunch, and the only time—apart from the last day of school—when your teacher can do no wrong. What a paradox: you’re in school, but you’re on vacation.

Today, Ian is going on his first field trip. Ever. I didn’t realize what a milestone this is until last night, when I saw the school shirt he was going to wear. I pictured him boarding the bus (even though he’ll be carpooling), holding hands with his Buddy. I saw him exiting in a sea of blue shirts, currents swirling as kids test the boundaries of their groups and their teachers’ grasps.

We do everything as a family. Everything. Museums, parks, playgrounds, weekend trips. Ian’s never had an outing without Mommy or Daddy (usually both) being there. This is not a matter of over-protection, it’s simply what families do. I’m not concerned for Ian’s safety, and only a part of me wishes I could join him. I really just wish I could watch from a distance, and see who my son really is.

He’s going apple-picking, and had to bring a sack-lunch. In a sack. If you’re like me, you’ve pictured a brown bag with ‘Ian’ hastily scrawled on both sides, in large letters. If you’re like my wife, you’ve pictured this:

Have fun, kiddo. And don’t throw apples at anyone…’s head.

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