About the Site
Ian was born, quite spectacularly, on May 16, 2003. Fatherhood is the coolest thing I’ve ever done; which, knowing who I am, isn’t saying much. But I have a feeling that I’d say the same thing even if I’d jumped from a plane with a martini in one hand and a super-model strapped to my back.

What? I haven’t always been married.

When my son was born, I had the noblest of intentions when I decided to keep a journal of our adventures. That journal currently sits, neglected, at the bottom of our bookshelf. I keep the two entries I managed to write in an envelope, which I intend to give to Ian when he’s older. Mainly because I have no idea what else to do with it. This is the same theory behind religious tracts and take-out menus.

Then I learned about blogs, which really seemed to fit my well-intentioned but lazy lifestyle. And here we are. This site is dedicated to me, my son, and everything in-between. I primarily write about my son, me as pertains to my son, and fatherhood in general. Daddies rule!

About Total Depravity
The doctrine of total depravity teaches that we are slaves to sin. We are born sinful, we die sinful, and everything we do is tainted by our selfish desires.

This does not mean that we are rotten to the core and unworthy to lick the clippings from Hitler’s lawn-mowing sneakers. It simply means that we are imperfect, and that, given the choice between ourselves and God, we will choose ourselves.

Enter the grace of God. God demands perfection, and we ain’t it. Because of the taint of sin, there is nothing we can say, no action we can perform that will make us perfect and earn our salvation. So God sent the one man who was perfect, the one man who was worthy to sit by the Father’s side: His only begotten son. And Christ paid the price for our imperfection, for all sin, for all time, for all people. And thus are we made perfect in God’s eyes.

Why have I called this site ‘Total Depravity’? If ever you need proof that total depravity is alive and well in the world, just ask any two-year-old.

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