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Metrical Friday: ‘The Princess: Sweet and Low’

The Princess: Sweet and Low By Alfred, Lord Tennyson Sweet and low, sweet and low,      Wind of the western sea, Low, low, breathe and blow,      Wind of the western sea! Over the rolling waters go, Come from the dying moon, and blow,      Blow him again to me; While my little one, while my pretty one, […]


I’ve never worked the day after Christmas, before. Ian and Kelly are both on vacation, but I’m at work. Early, because we have a plane to catch on Friday afternoon. We gave Ian a soccer ball for Christmas. We took the ball to a park yesterday, because it was sunny and fifty-four degrees. Today’s not […]

Metrical Friday: ‘Only a Dad’

Only a Dad By Edgar Albert Guest Only a dad with a tired face, Coming home from the daily race, Bringing little of gold or fame To show how well he has played the game; But glad in his heart that his own rejoice To see him come and to hear his voice. Only a […]

Everybody Gets to Have Water

Ian’s class shares a writing kit, which each student takes home for one week. Assignment #3 was to create a menu and act as a server for a family member. The former half of the exercise didn’t make for exciting viewing, but the latter was better—if only to hear Ian’s ‘job’ voice.

Least Resistance

In the car, returning from breakfast. Ian has yet to find a gift for Mommy. He and I are going, shopping, that afternoon. He doesn’t want to. ‘An electric can-opener and thermal socks,’ instructs his mother. ‘That’s what I want.’ Shopping with Daddy will be painful enough without thermal socks. ‘Oh,’ rescues Grammie, ‘you can […]

Metrical Friday: ‘Boy and Egg’

Boy and Egg By Naomi Shihab Nye Every few minutes, he wants to march the trail of flattened rye grass back to the house of muttering hens. He too could make a bed in hay. Yesterday the egg so fresh it felt hot in his hand and he pressed it to his ear while the […]

This Thing On?

We’ve been taking Ian to church with us since he was born. He had a few stints in the nursery, but for the most part he’s been with us in the sanctuary. We wanted to worship as a family, and let him feel the warp and woof of what it means to worship God. And […]

Metrical Friday: ‘Fermanagh Cave’

Fermanagh Cave By Sherod Santos An emerald dungeon’s blacklight glow glimmered in the deeper reaches where my son and I could hear the slub of water riddling through the muck. We’d stumbled on it following a stream, his first cave made stranger still by a chill that closes on the goblined heart of a boy […]