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The Spelunking

It is every boy’s dream. Girls’, too, but we have dibs, because only a boy can truly appreciate the thrill of climbing through a rebar tunnel, hundreds of feet above the ground. At the entrance, a warning sign proclaims that ‘you will get hurt’.

Better-Than-Chicken-Soup for the Soul

I managed to get home in time, threw my bag into the living room, and ran to assume the position in our downstairs bathroom. While I was waiting for the inevitable, I heard Ian calling from the den. ‘Daddy? Daddy?’ Kelly replied, ‘Honey, Daddy’s sick right now. Leave him alone, okay?’

Father’s Song

Yesterday, against admonishment, my daughter balanced on the couch back, fell and cut her mouth. Because I saw it happen I knew she was not hurt, and yet a child’s blood’s so red it stops a father’s heart. My daughter cried her tears; I held some ice against her lip. That was the end of […]

That’s My Boy!

Kelly was upstairs, and found this when she came back down. Not only had Ian turned on the NES (a miracle in itself), he also found the correct controller (of 5) and had started the game. A friend and I had played last night, after Ian had gone to bed. The last time Ian saw […]

The Music Man

Eventually we’d pause to let Ian sing, which he did, because why else would everyone be staring at him, expectantly? Even grandpa, who really should be watching the road. So, Ian started singing ‘car’ and ‘bye-bye’ on cue, and several head-on collisions were avoided.