Wink, Wink

Playing Go Fish! with Ian: me, Kelly, and Ya Ya. We all know his hand, because he proudly announces each card as it’s drawn. Plus he drops them.

He has a monkey; we try to help. ‘Ian, Mommy just asked Ya Ya for a monkey. What does that mean?’

He grins and doesn’t know. He moves from face to face, looking for the punchline. ‘If Mommy asked Ya Ya for a monkey, that means she must have a monkey, right?’

He frowns before his eyes grow wide, like his smile. He looks at Mommy and takes a deep breath, a boy with a clever secret he’s dying to share.

‘Mommy, do you have a chair?’

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  1. Dan
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    Could you ask him if he fancies a game of high stakes poker with me?

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