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I was on the prom court in high school. Seriously! I had no business being there. I was Harvey Firestein standing in for Plácido Domingo. I felt self-conscious and awkward; I was also touched. I wasn’t chosen King, but I made a darned good Chamberlain.

It was the first and—so far—only time I wore a sash.

In a similar vein, some kind soul has nominated my blog for this year’s Blogger’s Choice Awards, under the distinguished category of Hottest Daddy Blogger.

Ironically, my wife did not make the nomination. She did, however, vote.

I don’t know that I’m the best of the bunch, but I will say that mine is one of the few blogs not labeled as having Adult Content.

So vote for me, the blogger who posts and swears with equal infrequency!

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  1. Jungle Pop
    Jungle Pop at | | Reply

    You got it!

  2. Kelly
    Kelly at | | Reply

    Exactly. What kind of world is this when the top nominees refer to their children as (use your imagination here) anuses, “little” fornicators, and the like.

    Are we all still so stuck in high school that we find it titillating when someone uses the F word as much as Gordon Ramsay?

    I say you’re not a parent until you have self-control. Before that, you’re just a zygote donator.

  3. Rob
    Rob at | | Reply

    Congratulations on the nomination!

    While I agree with Kelly’s comment to an extent, I think there are a few worse things than some off-color language in a blog:

    1. Paris Hilton
    2. Reality TV shows that glorify greed and self-absorption
    3. The E! “news” network

    That’s the short list. I would argue that excessive interest in any of the above might constitute at least an equal lack of self-control.

    We’re all guilty of loss of self-control at some point, but it doesn’t necessarily diminish our accomplishments and competency as parents.

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