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Sunday morning, Ian was baptized into the family of Christ – finally. We waited until we were closer to family, and thankfully everyone was able to make it. It was none too soon – Ian had begun to cry during prayer at church.

His was the only baptism that morning, and he felt very special. He was wearing a white suit, which barely fit – on Friday, Ian was measured at 27.5 inches…97% for length in his age group. I wore a charcoal grey suit, which barely fit – it was given me when I was 190 pounds…I now weigh 160 pounds. His mother was wearing camel slacks and a burgandy top with a brown jacket, all of which fit perfectly.

We carried a very unconscious Ian to the pulpit, and a wave of “Awww” swept through the congregation. The ceremony was wonderful, except for my missing a cue to answer one of the pastor’s questions. I get nervous. He then made sure to look me squarely in the eye after each question.

Ian slept through the entire baptism. He woke during the sermon, where he decided to add his own theological take on making promises and telling the truth. This is the first time he’s talked in church; before it was just sleeping or crying. Watch out, Central Pres!

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  1. Darren
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    You’re 160 pounds! What have you done to yourself? That kid must be running you ragged. Well, I guess we’ll have to say goodbye to one of your favorite nicknames from college.

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