Magnifying Lens

Wow. I can’t thank you enough. I thought babies preferred lounging naked in chill winds. Until you happend along, I was thinking of seeing just how long he could go without food. You know, as an experiment. I guess I should’ve more closely read my Daddy Manual’s disclaimer, ‘You are inept. What exactly do you think you’re doing? Give him back to mommy, the real parent’…


Rising above Ian’s crib is a friendly, yellow and orange piebald sun. Below him, across rolling green hills, marches a troupe of cavorting ladybugs, ants, and butterflies. They follow a path from Ian’s window, which winds along his crib and trails behind his changing table. Leading this band of merry arthropods is a bright red ladybug…

Hot, Buttered Popcorn

What was once innocent, inoffensive and even endearing, has now become repugnant, tenacious, and…stinky. Who knew sweet potatoes could so change my life? Last week, Dr. Katy told us that Ian’s 15 pounds and 27.5 (but really 28) inches were our cue to introduce him to solid foods. He can laugh, roll over, and grab […]

Sign & Seal

Sunday morning, Ian was baptized into the family of Christ – finally. We waited until we were closer to family, and thankfully everyone was able to make it. It was none too soon – Ian had begun to cry during prayer at church. His was the only baptism that morning, and he felt very special. […]