Monkey’s Paw

Ian likes to hit me. Anger, frustration, love, play, Tuesday. He balls his fists, gets a running start, and aims for where my eyes aren’t looking. I’m thankful and honored that I’m the only person he feels comfortable using as a punching bag, but a change would be nice.

Yesterday he hit me while we were playing in the pool. It was an accident, but tell that to my bruise.

‘Okay, Ian. New rule.’ Because what a four-year-old wants is more rules. ‘From now on, each time you hit me, you also have to give me a hug.’ He gave me a hug and swam bounced away.

A half-hour later we were at our door; I was fumbling with the keys. With no warning, Ian punched my thigh and wrapped my legs in a fierce bear-hug.

‘Just to clarify, you can give me a hug without hitting me, too.’

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  1. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    On the plus side, you’ll probably be getting a lot of hugs now. On the negitive, you’ll have to explain why you have so many bruises; oh, and the “4 year old did it” doesn’t help with your cred.

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