Rising above Ian’s crib is a friendly, yellow and orange piebald sun. Below him, across rolling green hills, marches a troupe of cavorting ladybugs, ants, and butterflies. They follow a path from Ian’s window, which winds along his crib and trails behind his changing table. Leading this band of merry arthropods is a bright red ladybug.

This morning, as I change his diaper, Ian becomes enchanted by this ladybug. She’s twirling just over his right shoulder, about to dash behind the hutch and join her friends in the tree that’s sprouted behind Ian’s bookcase.

I’m trying to pull his arm through last night’s sleeper, and he tilts his head back, eyes opened wide. No matter what I do, he keeps his head tilted, enthralled. His arms lie at his sides, unmoving – this is serious concentration.

Ian makes a few tentative gurgles toward the ladybug, and waits. The corners of his mouth lift slightly, and he tries again. “Hello?” Suddenly he squeals and his mouth is split in a wide grin. Dimples dimpling, he coos and sings with the ladybug, and forgets about the daddy who’s just realized the diaper is inside-out. His legs flail. It’s hard to put socks on flailing legs.

I wish I could hear the conversation.

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  1. Aunt Sanya
    Aunt Sanya at |

    I care. I always liked being in on the ground floor of a good thing.

  2. Caryn
    Caryn at |

    What a sweet daddy. You and your family will cherish these forever!

  3. Beth
    Beth at |

    What an adorable nephew I’ve got! =) Your love for Ian is so apparent — he will LOVE reading these when he is older! You’re an incredible dad Jared. Please keep sending these!

  4. Aunt Rozanne
    Aunt Rozanne at |

    Jared…I’ve got so much crap in my mind right now and sometimes I’m just not happy. It’s my grandkids and stories like this beautiful one you just told that make me stop, take a breath, and appreciate what it takes to make me see the world from a whole new perspective and enjoy it from the eyes of a child. Keep them coming. It’s one of my links to sanity.

  5. Aunt Robin
    Aunt Robin at |

    I think Ian realized the Ladybug could see that his diaper was on backwards and he was probably asking her if it looked OK from up there!

    All of your stories are charming and so positive. I hope they are being archived so that more people can enjoy them. Just think, we can pop-in for a visit anytime night or day and you don’t have to clean before we arrive!

    Aunt Sanya is right, being a part of a good thing is what we’re all looking for and growing up with Ian, is a smart tag!

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