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Parentography is a new online community for parents to share reviews and experiences of family-friendly experiences in their home-town, and in their travels.

Places and activities are divided into several categories, such as Major Attractions and Parks & Playgrounds. They’re also organized by age-appropriate…ness and time of year.

Along with reviews (and pictures), parents can also submit Excursions, which…I admit, I don’t quite understand:

‘Excursions are suggestions and ideas from Parentographers about ways to spend time with your children. They range from short activities near home to multi-day adventure-fests. Some excursions involve specific places. Others focus on activities that you can do anywhere!’

The goal, it seems, being to share more about your favorite places than just where, when, and how must it costs.

Parentography is new, and in beta, so the content is slim and site a little buggy. But it certainly looks promising!

(Thanks, Lifehacker!)

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  1. Tim Ludwig
    Tim Ludwig at | | Reply

    Thanks for the mention.

    Excursions are designed to allow parents to post their opinions about more than one place — like a trip itinerary, for example — or for activities that maybe aren’t associated with a place — fishing, making a snowman, etc. Reviews are only for a single place and excursions are designed to allow broader coverage (and they will link back to any places/reviews mentioned and mapped in them automatically). See: http://www.parentography.com/excursions/show/20 for an example.

    Thanks again!

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