If They Want

My company offers employees two volunteer days each year to work with non-profit organizations. In August, I helped the Omaha chapter of the CCFA with its annual ‘Guts & Glory’ walk. Next Monday, I’ll be helping at the St. Louis Area Food Bank.

Children are welcome, so Ian’s coming along. Last night I explained the food bank, and the disparity between our refrigerator and those of a significant portion of the city’s population. That he can ask Mommy or Daddy for a snack, and we’ll say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but some parents can only say ‘no’.

He thought for a moment. ‘You know my candy? They can have it, if they want.’

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  1. Isaac
    Isaac at | | Reply

    I hope my son has the kind heart that Ian has when he’s old enough to speak. What a great kid!

  2. Dan
    Dan at | | Reply

    He’s a good kid, you must be proud.

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