Ian and I spent quite some time yesterday playing Hide the Shoe. Despite my son’s flair for complex rules of engagement, the game is as simple as it sounds: hide the shoe, find the shoe. Clues are allowed, as are ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ nudges.

Ian’s hiding spots were easy to find; he giggled whenever I entered the correct room. Once he came downstairs holding a stuffed chicken that I hadn’t seen in months; I knew he’d hidden the shoe in the spot where all his animals go to be forgotten.

He told me the shoe was hidden ‘under something cozy’, and I started looking under pillows.

Giggle. ‘Waaarrrm.’ Giggle. ‘Colder!’ Giggle. ‘Hot! Scorpion hot!’ He meant ‘scorching’. I found the shoe under the armchair.

His hiding spots weren’t always easy. ‘Cold. Cooolder! Iceberg cold!’

Iceberg cold? This kid is awesome.

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