The Boy


Quiet! Very. Why no word for, gosh, over three weeks? Because we’ve been in Spain! Our family tries to fly across the pond every few years, and my Spanish-teacher wife had never been to Spain. Travesty! We returned on Saturday night, with many stories, pictures, and no luggage. All of that’s coming soon, but at […]

It’s Only a Game

We gave Ian a hand-held V.Smile for his birthday. I figure the mental degradation by video games is counter-balanced by our getting rid of cable a few months ago. Besides, no one likes a kid who’s too smart for his own good. So far his favorite game is Dora the Explorer, which proves that irony […]

Sunrise, Sunset

Today is Ian’s fourth birthday. When he was born, Ian’s first sound was a screeching wail. Four years later, he’s able to express himself more accurately. ‘Happy birthday, Ian!’ ‘I don’t feel different.’ ‘Today’s your birthday!’ ‘Why?’ ‘You’re four years old!’ ‘Are my teeth going to fall out?’ Happy birthday, kiddo. We love you! (Today […]

Silly Spider, Pancakes Are for Boys

Ian will be four years old on Wednesday. He’s grown taller and doesn’t need the carseat anymore, and more often than not he remembers to lift both the toilet lid and seat, but what really freaks me out is how quickly his mind has switched from ‘toddler’ to ‘boy’. For example. I was in training […]

Her Children Stand and Bless Her

Last year, Ian’s birthday theme was pirates. Kelly responded with extreme prejudice. She was relieved when he chose ‘baseball’ as this year’s theme; how difficult is it to upend a bowl? Less so when he finally decided on Cars. While God may not have had quite this moment in mind, today’s verse is still more […]

Aw. Thanks. Again.

I’m sentimental. When I was in high school, I started a memory box where I kept every greeting card, ticket stub, picture, button, pebble, and used Kleenex for four years. I lugged a rock the size of my head home from a trip to the Badlands. I kept a pathetic clay whistle I made in […]

I’m a Star!

Ian put this sticker on my pocket this morning, before I left for work. He was quite insistent. He gave it to me because I’m ‘a star’. ‘I’m nice, am I?’ He meant ‘aren’t I’, but this phrase is his compromise with ‘am’t I’. Grammar isn’t easy. ‘I’m the sticker-giving man!’

Proverbs 22:6

I’ve started running Ian’s bath. I dip my fingers into the running water, and look over my shoulder. ‘Hey, Ian! C’mere!’ He runs into the bathroom, and I flick my fingers at his face. He blinks and laughs and wipes the drops of water from his eyes. My fingers reload as Ian runs into the […]

They Found the Dragon!

I started reading Dragonlance in junior high. Elves, dwarves, and dragons. Wizards, clerics, and barbarians. People and places with too many consonants: the Kingdom of Vizrak, Yshar of Mologon, the Sword of G’nar Fingratha. Campy and cliché, but comforting. Romance novels for light-sensitive adolescents. There’s a new trilogy in the series, the first book of […]

Gon Out. Backson.

Ian and I have slowly been making our way through Winnie the Pooh. Slowly, because I’m not as dedicated as I should be, and because the chapters are longer than Ian’s attention span. We’ve been reading in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. It’s bigger, snugglier, and can support the weight. But Kelly and I have been […]