Give a Hoot

Ian helped clean up last month, after the CCFA walk. He walked through the park, scouring the ground for wrappers and paper and popsicle sticks. He helped because we asked, but he often picks up trash while we’re walking and playing in parks. Sometimes he’s being considerate; often he just likes picking things off the […]

On Going Commando

Tony raises a very good point: why allow my son to watch Mr. Bean, when he can’t even watch Dora the Explorer? The short answer: because Dora hurts my brain. But Tony’s concern is that, from time to time, for surprisingly various reasons, Mr. Bean’s antics leave him quite nude. After falling from a diving […]

The Ancillary Parent

Motherhood is care and sensitivity. Fatherhood is skateboarding and roughhousing. If these are the extent of a man’s role as father, why do we care when he leaves? If we reduce fatherhood to skinned knees and hand-eye coordination, why are we surprised when he does?