Search String Number 6

odd, how we find each other. there are words which join me to you to him to her, degrees of seperation that would make kevin bacon blush. anonymity is never total, and i know more about you than, maybe, you’d like. ‘britney spears.’ my mother-in-law’s name. ‘diaper overflow.’ you’re searching, and i hope you find; […]

Father’s Song

Yesterday, against admonishment, my daughter balanced on the couch back, fell and cut her mouth. Because I saw it happen I knew she was not hurt, and yet a child’s blood’s so red it stops a father’s heart. My daughter cried her tears; I held some ice against her lip. That was the end of […]

Autism Poem: The Grid

By: Barbara Crooker, Radiance A black and yellow spider hangs motionless in its web, and my son, who is eleven and doesn’t talk, sits on a patch of grass by the perennial border, watching. What does he see in his world, where geometry is more beautiful than a human face? Given chalk, he draws shapes […]

Changing Diapers

By: Gary Snyder, Axe Handles How intelligent he looks! on his back both feet caught in my one hand his glance set sideways, on a giant poster of Geronimo with a Sharp’s repeating rifle by his knee. I open, wipe, he doesn’t even notice nor do I. Baby legs and knees toes like little peas […]